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How to set up bank transfer payment ?

Q2C 2.7

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Search function

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How to turn off posts on the front page of JoomSocial? it is also the main cnhfybwf site? Fast events store Quick2Cart

Vendors own T&C's

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Is there a way to add the eMail-Subject in the form? SOLVED

Securing JCE in jGive?

Please, update your SocialAds demo to 3.1

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ad_stats table grows very too fast

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How to format currency ? (Japanese currency doesn't have . and Yen symbol on the right not left)

Displaying Only Upcoming Events in Pin Display

make unlimited seats default

How to set up two shipping methods for all stores ?

iGive - Replace the "donate" function with "Payment" for PayPal?

facebook error in configuration

Error correction and additional functions

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Change socialads ad owner

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Pdf embed not working

Vanity url

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I can't save my setting in Jgive

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