Customize Emails for JTicketing

Email Customizations

If you are upgrading from a version less than V2.0.0 - With the introduction of TJ Notifications, you can now edit and customize all your emails on the backend. Any old customizations done via language constants will be lost. So please ensure you have edited the said emails via the ‘Notification Templates’ before you go live with the update.

Now you can customize your email template using TJ Notifications. You can edit your notification templates as per your convenience. You can go with the following flow to customize your template.

 Steps to edit notification template:-

        a. Open your site administrator.

        b. Components->JTicketing

        c. Select Notification Templates and click on notification title and edit notification template. 


For JTicketing version upgrade - If you are using JTicketing version 2.4.x and upgrading to version 2.5.x. As we have introduced exclusive commission/fees, organizer details, coupon discount you will need changes in the payment invoice notification template. The new replacement tags exist in the template, you need to add those in the template or you can copy below HTML to get the updated invoice template.