Version 2.8
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2016-07-27 05:30
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#73106 Promotion cart rules
#73101 Multiple address support in checkout
#85397 Font-awesome support for Quick2cart
#84115 Facility to add and remove coupon from cart pop-up view and cart module
#84114 Provide facility to Update quantity from cart popup view
#84897 Provide facility to search based on product description (For module search)
#81066 Frontend view cart Provide facility to removing items from cart
#82611 For Developer: API support for checkout


#84400 Custom link for product search. Now, you can use product search link for promotions
#82611 Frontend - View cart checkout Use Create order API in checkout flow
#82584 Return max applicable discount on rule level
#82576 Module Cart Restructure module layouts and bootstrap fixes
#79336 Improvement on the product page: Instead verticle display of products, show the product detail.


#41340 Frontend View Vendor Product category count is not correct for store
#84883 Backend View Orders - Related orders item attributes are not deleted from kart_order_itemattributes table when order is deleted
#84774 Backend order detail view, unable to update product attribute
#82410 For com_k2, page breaking while adding the image to K2 item
#85562 :-Frontend View Vendor Display store address on store home page (like address, landmark, city, region,country, pin-code )


New Installation Instructions -

  1. Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before installation
  2. Install quick2cart-2.8 Stable
  3. Note that, by default we only enable the commonly needed extensions. Depending on what you are using, enable the needed plugins. The Document below describes the various extensions installed as part of the Quick2Cart package.
  4. Go to Quick2cart -> Options -> and save the options.

Upgrading Instructions -

  1. Take a backup any changes you have made to Quick2cart code / language files / view overrides etc.
  2. Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before upgrade
  3. Install quick2cart-2.8 Stable.
  4. Go to Quick2cart -> Options -> and save the options.

Basic Configuration after installation  -

  1. Go to Quick2cart option-> set different option according to your requirement and save the component options.
  2. Also, Set different ACL permissions for the registered user from Quick2cart option->Permission tab (eg Create,Edit Own,Edit State).
  3. Make sure you have enabled "System - Techjoomla - Assets Loader" and set all option to YES. This minimizes the JQuery conflicts.
  4. If you are using Zoo component to create Quick2cart products, make sure that you are using latest zoo version ( greater than 3.2.x).

*NOTE: After install/upgrade Quick2kart  If you are using Shika, JTicketing  extension then you need to upgrade these extensions to the latest one. As we have done core changes in DOMPDF library which common for these extensions.