Shika: FAQs

Q. How we can adjust the pin layout on user end?

There is admin side setting available for this. Please go to Shika Dashboard, on right hand top corner you will get the 'Options', after clicking on it you will see all available basic configurations, click on 'General' to set the pin layouts..

Here we can specify pin width, padding between pins, characters to show on pin view


Q : Videos and images are not uploading to Amazon S3 server?

Please check first that the ‘Remote storage settings’ are set to work Amazon S3 server. Following are the steps to set this:

  • Check which ‘Storage methods’ you are using, if it is ‘local server’ then videos, images are not going to move to amazon server.
  • you have to select ‘Amazon server’ option
  • You have to specify the bucket name, secret key, access key, cron url, timespan to run the cron url, private key to execute the cron url
  • once you set all the parameters click on ‘Save’


Q : Activity stream is not displaying or getting random data for the same?

It depends on social integration used in your site.

  • For ‘Easysocial’ you have to make sure that ‘Course App’ should be published. Its located under ‘EasySocial’ -> ‘Applications’ -> ‘User — Course’
  • For ‘JomSocial’ you have to make sure that LMS App’ plugin should be published. Its located under ‘Extensions’ -> ‘plugins’ -> ‘LMS Courses APP’


Q : Nothing is happening when I try to add Start date to a course or Start date / End date to a lesson

The Calendar will work most of the times, But if it is not working for you try tweaking the settings from Techjoomla Assets Loader plugin of System type.


Q : Courses links are not working?

Please check the Search Engine Friendly URLs settings. Please go to "System" -> "Global Configuration" -> "site" option

  • Use URL Rewriting: Select to use a server's rewrite engine to catch URLs that meet specific conditions and rewrite them as directed. Available for IIS 7 and Apache.
    • Apache users only!: Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess before activating.
    • IIS 7 users only!: Rename web.config.txt to web.config and install IIS URL Rewrite Module before activating.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs: Select whether or not the URLs are optimised for Search Engines.


Q: How to enable Alerts in Easysocial?

 To get a notification or alert in easy social, Go to Alerts in Easysocial, click on "Discover" to get LMS rules. You will get 5 alerts in ALERTS ES section, "Coursecompletion" , "Enrollapproval ",  "Enrollcourse ", "Recommendcourse ", "Assigncourse" 


Q: Does Shika support streaming of local files?

Preventing downloading of video is quite complicated, and needs a Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. However in most use cases it is sufficient to make it difficult for most users to download, and that can be achieved by using a streaming service. We will be implementing streaming support for uploaded files in Shika in a future release. This won’t be a change in jwplayer but rather a functional enhancement for Shika itself.


Q: Will you get an error while uploading large course content?

Increase the upload_max_filesize, post_max_size & memory limit variables in php.ini file. They should be set to a greater value than the course content package.