Event Fields for Native jTicketing Event Manager Events

You can create fields to describe your event better if you are using Native Events from JTicketing. We call these fields-Event Fields. If you are looking for Attendee Information collection or Attendee/Ticket fields, please look at this separate documentation article about those. 

Event Fields

Event fields as the name suggests, let you add additional information about your event and present it in a nice way. 


1) Create groups

  • Defaults groups are added during the installation of Jticketing. If you want to create more groups then click on the respective link.
  • Here groups represent the fieldset of the form.

extra fields

2) Create Fields

  • Click on the respective link to create the field.
  • There are 2 types of fields you can create in Jticketing.
    • Event fields
    • Ticket fields
    • These fields will be used during creation of NATIVE events.
    • Extra Tab is added during creation of the native event.
    • These fields are used for getting more attendee information.
    • These come into play during buying the ticket.

        Refer screenshot for how to create a field from JTicketing.

create event fields

Ticket Fields:- 

Ticket fields are fields which are shown to the customer while buying the ticket.

These fields you can use only if you have selected integration as 'Native'.

Open JTicketing backend and set Collect Attendee Information(per ticket) while purchasing?=>yes. Now save settings.

Ticket  Field Groups

Open JTicketing backend=>Click on ticket field group=>You can see 'Ticket Additional field'

If you are not seeing 'Ticket Additional field' Please create new ticket field group and save.

 Ticket  Fields

Open JTicketing backend=>Click on ticket field=>Click on new.

Enter 'label', Name and field type and save.

Now you can see this field while checkout. 


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