What Is J!MailAlerts ?

What Is J!MailAlerts?

J!MailAlerts is an automated periodic Email Alerts system. Have you seen mail alerts that social networks like Facebook & Linkedin send to their users periodically?

Using J!MailAlerts you too can send your users periodic email alerts of whats happening on your site or social network. Users can select if they want to receive daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates.

The users are also able to configure what alerts they can receive & also configure each alert

Watch a video of How J!MailAlerts works :

You can also see the same as on Slide Share here.

What kind of updates can be part of the Email?

Ideally, you will be able to add support for any kind of updates i.e. from any Joomla extension as part of your Email. J!MailAlerts already comes with a number of free plugins which extend the content you can send in the email.
Additionally, you can buy commercial Plugin packs for extensions like CB, JomSocial, K2 etc which can enhance the email content to a great deal. Please see the product page to see what all plugins are available for free & which can be bought at our extension shop.
If you are a developer, the J!MailAlerts plugin API allows you to even add support for your own extensions. Documentation on the API is coming soon. If you want to have a custom mail alerts plugin developed, contact us.
As we say your users can customize the component to send them Slices of your CMS content via Email.

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Fan Speak !

  • The extension is easy to install and configure. It exactly works like it is described, so no surprises. If you read the documentation carefully it is easy to get the extension working!

    I had a problem and submitted a ticket to the support. They answered me a few hours later and also after I react they answered after a few minuts, thats what I call professional support. They also fixed the problem with given admin details for me.

    I'm happy that I chose this extension.