Manage User Subscriptions

jma manage subscriptions

1. Enter user name : search for user subscription by entering username

2. Select alert : Alert name filter for searching user subscriptions

3. Select state : Subscription status filter for searching user subscriptions

4. Checkbox : Select a user subscription and click  Edit / Delete buttons on toolbar to edit / delete the subscription

5. Edit : Select a user subscription and click Edit to edit the selected user subscription

6. Delete : Select a user subscription and click Delete to delete the selected user subscription

7. Subscription status : Click this to toggle subscription stauts for particular user for particular alert

8. Preview : Clicking on this will open a pop-up window showing how an email preview will look for corresponding user for corresponding alert

9. New : You can create a new user subscription by clicking on new. It will open a new form like the below one-

1. Enter user id : Enter user id for whom you want to create new subscription

2. Select alert : Select the alert for new subscription

3. Select frequency :  Select the frequency for new subscription

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Fan Speak !

  • Aniket is awesome.

    I have been in the tech space for 30 yrs but have not had to actually do development work for the last 20yrs. My current project has made it necessary (Happily) for me to start developing again and I was very pleased to see how far the open source community has come because it is the future of tech. One particular standout is Techjoomla in that they have some very creative,innovative and useful extensions that are speeding up my development time and lowering my cost. Social ads is one of those extensions that meets its description and is very valuable in commercial applications. 

    Outstanding pricing configurations for ads and the management of ad zones

    Easy to install and integrates with Joomla seamlessly 

    Easy to configure by following the instruction

    Detailed documentation that is easy to follow

    Besides their useful extensions their support team was OUTSTANDING and in particular I have to shine the light on ANIKET who supported me on Invitex, Social Ads and acted as an intermediary with the Broadcast support person who was also good and responsive.

    As a veteran of tech, I know that everything doesn't always work perfectly so the key is support not only for your project but more importantly it is the key to the growth and success of opensource.

    Techjoomla and ANIKET are excellent examples of the future of opensource and I will buy more extensions from them in the future and highly recommend Social Ads.