Manage User Subscriptions

jma manage subscriptions

1. Enter user name : search for user subscription by entering username

2. Select alert : Alert name filter for searching user subscriptions

3. Select state : Subscription status filter for searching user subscriptions

4. Checkbox : Select a user subscription and click  Edit / Delete buttons on toolbar to edit / delete the subscription

5. Edit : Select a user subscription and click Edit to edit the selected user subscription

6. Delete : Select a user subscription and click Delete to delete the selected user subscription

7. Subscription status : Click this to toggle subscription stauts for particular user for particular alert

8. Preview : Clicking on this will open a pop-up window showing how an email preview will look for corresponding user for corresponding alert

9. New : You can create a new user subscription by clicking on new. It will open a new form like the below one-

1. Enter user id : Enter user id for whom you want to create new subscription

2. Select alert : Select the alert for new subscription

3. Select frequency :  Select the frequency for new subscription

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