Installation & Upgrading Instructions


  1. Download the latest version of J!MailAlerts component from here.
  2. Install J!MailAlerts component.
  3. Next step is to Install some J!MailAlerts plugins. You can get the latest FREE plugins from here ( you need to be logged in) or buy some Commercial Plugins.
  4. After installation, each plugin needs to be configured to the default settings you would like each user to have. Please read more about this in the configuration & setup Section
  5. Create/edit frequencies
  6. Create alerts
  7. Sync user-alert-preferences data
  8. Simulate
  9. Set cron job URL in cpanel


upgrading from 2.4.4 to 2.5

!!! A clean installation is recommended - this means your existing data and settings will be lost. !!!

  1. If you have modified any of the alerts template HTML and CSS, backup it first. You can copy this HTML and CSS into some temporary files or in your Gmail email drafts.
  2. Uninstall JMailAlerts component older version. (No need to uninstall plugins, you can upgrade plugins directly without uninstalling those first.)
  3. Install latest JMailAlerts component with version 2.5
  4. Configure component options. ( Component options are located on the component toolbar)
  5. Install/upgrade plugins with version 2.5
  6. Configure all plugins to set all parameters and legacy parameters.
  7. Create/edit frequencies
  8. Create alerts
  9. Sync
  10. Simulate
  11. Set cron job URL in cpanel

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