Installation & upgrading instructions

Installation instructions:


Jlike requires php version 5.3 or greater if you dont have you can upgrade it easily by contacting host provider.

1. Download the latest version of jLike component from techjoomla site.

2. Install the downloaded component using the Joomla Extension installer.

Note : if you have previously installed Jomsocial or Jomlike, then on installation of jLike, you will see instructions to Migrate your likes data to jLike. You need to follow those instruction to  sync old likes data with new jLike. 
In case of jomsocial the likes done on "profiles","groups","events","videos" will get migrated.
In case of Jomlike all like data will get migrated to jLike

Component auto installs following sub extensions including -

  • jLike component (jLike component)
  • Framework on Framework (FOF)
  • TechJoomla Strapper
  • Module: to show Recently liked content
  • Module: To show Most liked content
  • jLike API System Plugin
  • Plugins for integration with variuos componets installed  are -
  • content Plugins
  • jLike for EasyBlog
  • jLike for EasyDiscuss
  • jLike for FLEXIcontent
  • jLike for JEvents
  • jLike for jGive
  • jLike for Joomla content
  • jLike for Phoca Gallery
  • jLike for redSHOP
  •  jLike for SocialAds
  • jLike for VirtueMart
  • community Plugins
  • jLike for JomSocial
  • hikashop Plugins
  • jLike for HikaShop
  • k2 Plugins
  • jLike for k2
  • kunena Plugins
  • jLike for kunena
  • jcomments Plugins
  • jLike for JComments
  • komento Plugins
  • jLike for Komento
  • system Plugins
  • jLike for SobiPro

3. After installation - Go to jLive component's main page on backend. Click on 'Options' in top right side and configure component options as you want. Follow instructions here


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Fan Speak !

  • JLike is the perfect feedback enhancement for my Joomla/K2/JFBC/Jomsocial site. Once logged in, users can easily like or dislike an article. The installation was a breeze. My very busy site had no problems uploading and installing it. The configuration was very easy and intuitive. My site went through several Joomla and template upgrades. Whenever there was a problem, the techjoomla guys helped efficiently and promptly. Documentation? I never touched it because I didn't need it. The backend is so user friendly and intuitive.. Given the quality of the product and the support, JLike is definitely worth the money.