Choosing button-set(backend view)

jlike buttonset view

This view lets the admin to choose which button-set to be shown in frontend for Like/Dislike button. 

 Also,you can add a new buttonset here.To add a new button set you need to upload the image sprite of size 150x144, and divide it into 6 parts to show proper like and dislike buttons.

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Fan Speak !

  • As a non-profit community that blogs about new / servant leadership we also organize IRL events. With Jgive we have found a component with which we can both handle our donations and we use it for subscriptions to events (where the subscriber decides what the event is worth for him / her). Been working with their support team on some issues and they where very responsive and open for new features / improvements.
    If you are looking for a donation / crowdfunding component: (j)give it a try! you won't be disappointed.