Screenshots frontend


Frontend: Create Campaign:



Frontend: Campaign Detail View :


Frontend: All Campaigns - Pin View :

Frontend: All Campaigns - Blog View :


Frontend: Campaign Dashboard :

Frontend: My Campaigns View :


Frontend: My Donations View :


Frontend: My Campaign Donors View :


Frontend: Vendor Registration View :


Frontend: JGive Modules :


Frontend: Campaign Reports List View:


Frontend: Campaign Reports with its Activities:


Frontend: Add Report Form View

Frontend: Report Details View:


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Fan Speak !

  • We have been working and developing adaptation of this component with its new owner : Techjoomla.
    I have to say that they are very professional, reasonably priced and have very efficient technical and commercial departments.
    We envisage long term relationships with them and can only recommend working with them and buying their product.
    The code is clean, well documented, their suggestions are clever and to the point.
    Go on !