Screenshots frontend


Frontend: Create Campaign:



Frontend: Campaign Detail View :


Frontend: All Campaigns - Pin View :

Frontend: All Campaigns - Blog View :


Frontend: Campaign Dashboard :

Frontend: My Campaigns View :


Frontend: My Donations View :


Frontend: My Campaign Donors View :


Frontend: Vendor Registration View :


Frontend: JGive Modules :


Frontend: Campaign Reports List View:


Frontend: Campaign Reports with its Activities:


Frontend: Add Report Form View

Frontend: Report Details View:


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Fan Speak !

  • I have been using Broadcast by TechJoomla for a while and when i decided to ditch Virtuemart for a simpler, more supported cart I decided to go with Quick2Cart. I have not been disappointed. 

    It is pretty easy to understand and set up. Their directions are top notch. Although nothing is ever perfect for me and we had some issues with the template and a couple other snags, the support was right there for me.

    I am looking forward to the multi-cart integration with k2 or the tagging system which is suppose to be in the next release. 

    Overall, I love this cart and my members are finding it pretty self explanatory.