Using reporting plugins we have four generated reports for JGive.

JGive Reports

Reports Functioning

  • CSV Export: Export as csv to get all data
  • Hide and show columns: Hide/Unhide any column from report
  • Want to save this?: Helpful when report has many columns and you have to save your own query with limited columns. Explained with example further part of this document.
  • Dropdown: List all reports
  • Select Query: Visit your saved query. (from Want to save this)
  • Sorting: Sorting on columns
  • Filters: Text, Select, Date filters are available.
  • Pagination

Each report is explained in detail below.

  • Campaigns: Report displaying all campaigns with related data
  • Campaigns Promoter: Report displaying promoter details with respect to campaigns on site
  • Donor Campaign: List of all donors and their contribution towards site campaigns
  • Donor: List of donors and their donation info for all campaigns

Access these reports from frontend, Easily doable by setting correct config.

1. Set reports permissions 

Go to Administrator > Tjreports > Options > Permission

Set required permissions

2. Create a menu, Menu Item Type = Tjreports

Set correct Access type.

Want to save this? - Minimize an existing report to suit our own requirement.

If I want to minimize donor campaign report, where I only need Firstname, Donor email, Campaign name, and amount paid. And rest columns are not needed.

I can easily achieve this.

- Use Hide / Show columns

- Tick / un-tick to customize

- Save using "Want to save this?"

- And use it later as well.