How to override the output of JGive views

JGive contains following views : 

  • campaign: This view contains campaign details (default.php) layouts.

  • campaigns: This view contains campaigns pin(all_pin.php), campaign blog (all_blog.php) also my campaigns (my.php) layouts. 

  • campaignform: This view contains campaigns creation form(default.php) layouts.

  • donations: This view contains my donations (my.php), donation process (paymentform.php), donation details (details.php) layouts. 

  • dashboard: This view is mainly useful for campaign promotor. Showing an overview of all campaigns which are created by logged in user. Presenting donations in a graphical way. Showing top 5 donors, recent 3 activities.

  • donors:  This view showing list of donors and their details for the various campaigns. The user can filter donors by campaign wise, also can search by donor name or email id


Location (view location on your site ):- YOUR SITE/components/com_jgive/views/ 

Instructions for overriding the given layouts are as follows:

1. Copy LAYOUT.php file (e.g default.php) 

2. Put this file on path YOURSITE/templates/template you are using/html/com_jgive/VIEW_NAME (e.g. campaign)/

Note: Create necessary folders if they do not exist. Now open LAYOUT.php file & do your changes. 

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    This works exactly as advertised, setup is strait forward and fairly simple, your reading this then you can probably do it.

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