Create campaign

The user can create a campaign from frontend as well as from backend

Frontend : campaign creation form:


#Campaign Information:

  • Title:  The title of a campaign.

  • Alias: The Alias will be used in the SEF URL. Leave this blank and Joomla will fill in a default value from the title. This value will depend on the SEO settings (Global Configuration->Site). Using Unicode will produce UTF-8 aliases. You may also enter manually any UTF-8 character. Spaces and some forbidden characters will be changed to hyphens. When using default transliteration it will produce an alias in lower case and with dashes instead of spaces. You may enter the alias manually. Use lowercase letters and hyphens (-). No spaces or underscores are allowed. The default value will be a date and time if the title is typed in non-latin letters.

  • Start Date: According to his timezone, admin or campaign promoter can select the start date of a campaign where donor(s) can be able to donate/invest.

  • End Date: According to his timezone, admin or campaign promoter can select the end date of a campaign, End date of a campaign after donor cannot be able to donate/invest. Also instead of end date have a field for set end date in the number of days.

  • Campaign type:  Campaign promoter can create campaign either donation type or investment type, the default campaign type is donation type.

  • Let others see donations received for this campaign:  This is field is decided that can other see my campaign donors record or not. If select 'Yes' then allow to others see donations received for this campaign.

  • Publish:  The campaign publish or not, to publish the campaign select yes.

  • Organization/individual type: Organization/individual type

  • Category: Category of a campaign.

  • Goal amount: Goal amount of campaign.

  • Allow donations to exceed goal amount: This is the field is decided that can donor donate to my campaign more than campaign goal amount or not. If selected as 'Yes' then allow donations to more than campaign goal amount or if selected as "No" then after reaching the campaign goal the campaign will be close.

  • Minimum donation/investment amount: Minimum donation amount above which donor should able to donate/Invest.

  • Max allowed donation / Investment: The maximum donations or investments orders are allowed. If campaign promoter set the number then once the count is over donor not able to donate to this campaign. The default value of this field is "0". In that case no limitation for donation or investment. 

  • Meta Keyword: An optional list of data to be used in HTML output

  • Upload the display image: Choose the main image for a campaign.

  • Description: Description about a campaign. 

  • Meta Description: An optional paragraph to be used as the description of the page in the HTML output. This will generally display in the results of search engines. 

#Campaign Promoter Information:

  • First Name: Enter promoter first name

  • Address: Enter promoter Address

  • Country: Select  country 

  • State: Select  state

  • City: Select  city

  • Other city: If the city is not present in the given city dropdown then the promoter can insert city name in the textbox.

  • Last Name: Enter promoter last name

  • Address 2: Enter  promoter Address

  • Phone number: Enter phone number.

  • Web Address: Enter website address.

  •  Zip: Enter zip code.



 #Campaign Giveback Information:

  • Minimum Donation Amount To Avail Giveback: Enter giveback amount value.

  • Quantity: Enter giveback quantity.

  • Givebacks Details: Enter giveback details.


 #Campaign Gallery Information:

  • Upload File:  By using this field campaign promoter can able to upload the number of images or videos for the campaign.

  • Video link: By using this field campaign promoter can able to add youtube or vimeo type of video for the campaign. This is an optional field. At JGive config page have a configuration for showing/ hiding the field.

  • Select the default media to be displayed on the campaign details page: This field is used for selecting main campaign image or video for showing on campaign detail page from gallery images or videos. So, if campaign promoter wants to set campaign image or video from the gallery he has to select the checkbox and then select the media from the gallery. 

Additional Info is shown on create campaign page on frontend if only when site admin have created form fields from admin side. 


Backend campaign creation  form: 

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