Change/edit organization individual type field

This field code contain in two files: 

You can find field render code in default_campaignform.php file & it's language constant in "en-GB.com_jgive.ini" language file

1.  YOUR_SITE/components/com_jgive/models/forms/campaign.xml

<field name="org_ind_type" type="list" default="non_profit" label="COM_JGIVE_TYPE_ORG_INDIVIDUALS" description="COM_JGIVE_TYPE_ORG_INDIVIDUALS_TOOLTIP">
<option value="non_profit">COM_JGIVE_ORG_NON_PROFIT</option>
<option value="self_help">COM_JGIVE_SELF_HELP</option>
<option value="individuals">COM_JGIVE_SELF_INDIVIDUALS</option>

2.  YOUR_SITE/components/com_jgive/helpers/campaign.php

// Function to add the organization/individual type field Individuals
function organization_individual_type()
    $app = JFactory::getApplication();
      return $options;



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