Extensions supported by Email Beautifier (EB)

1. Extensions SUPPORTED by Email Beautifier (EB) 

Ideally, all components using native Joomla API functions to send an email will work with email beautifier.

  1. All Core Joomla! components (com_users, com_content, com_contact etc)
  2. Add User Frontend 
  3. Alpha Registration (tested with Alpha Registration version 2.0.14)
  4. DJ-classifieds
  5. EasyBlog
  6. EasySocial
  7. JComments (tested with JComments v2.0.2)
  8. JGive
  9. JReviews
  10. JTicketing
  11. JomSocial
  12. Kunena
  13. Ninjaboard
  14. PhocaEmail
  15. Quick2Cart
  16. Redshop
  17. RedReminder Lite
  18. RSForm!
  19. RSMail
  20. RSTickets
  21. Shika
  22. Social Ads
  23. Uddeim PMS (tested uddeIM 2.7/stable on Joomla 2.5.4)
  24. Ultimate mailing Lists

2. Extensions NOT SUPPORTED by Email Beautifier (EB) as of EB v2.0

  • Community Builder (CB)
  • VirtueMart

you know any other extensions (not listed above) that work or doesn't work with EB, please let us know. :)

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