What is Broadcast ? Features & More

What is Broadcast ?

Broadcast is a social sync engine for your Joomla website. To cut the long story short, here's a quick rundown on what Broadcast can do.

  • Broadcast allows you to Push the activities & updates from your site to various supported Social Networks
  • Users can Pull activities &updates from supported Social Networks to your site
  • Import RSS Content Feeds into your site's Activity stream.

Some Use Cases

JomSocial 'Social Sync'

For Social Networks running on JomSocial, with Broadcast you can turn your site into a tightly integrated Social Application on any of the supported Social Networks with User Activities from these networks getting pulled to your site ( increasing your activity) & Your activities getting automatically promoted on the Major Social networks thus getting you more traffic.

Automated Social Promotions

For Blogs & sites for whom Social promotions are important, Broadcast can help them shout out happenings from their site on the various Social Stream. Broadcast also supports Scheduling & repeats ( we recommend you dont do this for twitter since they dont allow repeats)

Supported Social Networks

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus ( Partial Alpha Support only for Status Fetch. Status update not supported yet - This plugin is not recommended for Live sites yet ) 

Activity Integrations

  • All JomSocial Activities & Status updates. JomSocial ( version 2.2 + ) - A small hack is needed in order to catch activity stream updates due to a bug in this JomSocial version
  • Manual Queue additions - Admins can manually push messages to the Queue .
  • API to let any Joomla extension push content to the Social Queue

Full Feature List

  • Allows users to connect their favourite Social networks to their profiles on your site
  • Hootsuite/ TweetDeck like system for your Joomla website to let user's update their Social Statuses from your site
  • Ability to let users decide which of their JomSocial activities shall be broadcasted
  • Admin can manually add content to the Social Queue to be pushed to the networks
  • Users can setup RSS feeds to update their JomSocial Status ( Like TwitterFeed) 
  • Admin can chose which networks to offer
  • Social Update update scheduling & repeats
  • URL Shortening using Google URL shortening API
  • API for developers to push updates to Social Streams
  • Extendible via APIs to add support for more Social Networks

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