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Broadcast - Social Sync For Joomla !

Broadcast is a Joomla extension that allows you to Push & Pull data from Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter to & from your Joomla website. When setup right, Broadcast can server as a full Social Sync for your Joomla website driving a lot of traffic to your website. Whats more, you can also setup RSS feeds to import content to your activity stream.  To know more about Broadcast, Click here.



JomWall is a standalone activity stream & collaboration extension for Joomla! If you have Community Builder or JomSocial, it can integrate with that too !

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Broadcast + JomWall - The Super Joomla Social Sync !

With this great integration, its now possible to Push all updates happening in JomWall to connected user's Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Accounts. At the same time, updates on those Social Networks can be pulled into JomWall too.  So wherever your users are, on your site or any of the Social networks, their updates will always be synced ! Give Activity on  your site a Super Boost witht this great Integration !

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Fan Speak !

  • I must point out first, that I am NOT an affiliate nor a partner of TechJoomla. Yet?! Wink, Wink... Nudge, Nudge. Kidding, I'm Kidding. lol =)

    However, Regardless of the few negative reviews. The team at TechJoomla is one in a million for Development and Customer Service! Constant feature Updates, Bugs get squashed very quickly and Tech alteration questions are answered within 24hrs (if not the moment you refresh your email's and support tickets).

    SocialAds is Amazing! You cannot ask for a better advertising component. And somehow they continue to improve it with new features every 2-3 months. If you are looking for an ad component for your site or you are a developer and have clients that need to generate revenue with ad space, then this component is your stop! Besides being very cheap for everything it does, it's also too easy to set up and has API and Source Code to manipulate it into exactly what you and or your clients could ever need and want.

    I currently subscribe to and use many of there components on my Joomla/JomSocial site. Such as:

    People Suggest
    Email Beautifier
    Profile Import
    J!MailAlerts with JomSocial Plugin
    JBolo! - Chat for Joomla and JomSocial

    And I am eyeing there Like/Dislike component right now =) I won't spam there review page with a link to my site. But take my word for it, test one product of there's. Like a new tattoo, you will Itch for more!

    Thanks you guys!
    Can't wait for more Great TechJoomla Stuff!!