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JLike 1.1.6 now compatible with Jomsocial 4.x

JLike 1.1.6 now compatible with Jomsocial 4.x

Hey All,

JLike 1.1.5 is now available. In this release we have added most awaited Jomsocial 4.x integration.


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jLike 1.1 gives you power to comment and express more!

jLike is all about the relationship between a user & content. We are always looking at enhancing and enriching that relationship. Till now you were able to like & dislike content, you could add your personalized notes & also put content into your own lists for better organisation.

Sometimes however, just showing that you like or dislike some content is not enough. You need more freedom to express yourselves. With jLike 1.1, we give you just that !

We bring you comments !


Comments are a great way to relate with content & share with everyone what you feel about it. Commenting evolves discussions around content & creates social virility around content enriching in so many ways. Text is good to express but smilies are better ! You can use them to express yourself even better ! 

Besides this mega feature, this version introduces many more features like a cool new dashboard, display modules & a tight EasySocial integration to mention just a few of them !  Go on & read the full blog for the complete scoop !

Buy Now Joomla Demo JomSocial demo EasySocial Demo CB Demo

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Sneak Peek At jLike 1.1


Its been a long time that there has been any release for jLike. However, the wait is over now. Our team is coming up with a new version jLIke 1.1. jLIke 1.1 will be having some awesome improvements in UI and will be power packed with a lot of features. We’ve taken jLike to a next level this time and the release will be soon.

Some features that this release will be having are:

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jLike 1.0.2 is out

jLike 1.0.2 is available for download to subscribers. This release is compatible with Joomla 3.2 and fixes the bugs reported in version 1.0.1 Below is changelog for same.

Change Log for v1.0.2

+ Features added

  • Compatible with Joomla 3.2

- Bugs fixed

    • Dislike button is shown to guest users thogh "Show dislike button" is set to "No" in backend config
    • bootstrap.min.css , bootstrap.min.js etc  as many times the like/dislike buttons are shown on page
    • Liking/Disliking Joomla or k2 article having single or double quote in title giving "Error loading document"
    • 'DS' not found in components/com_jlike/helpers/socialintegration.php file..
    • Error loading document , when jLike is integrated with Jomsocial videos
    • PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method JRegistry::getValue() in /public_html/plugins/content/jlike_flexicontent/jlike_flexicontent.php on line 28
    • Fatal error Class JFolder not found in components/com_jlike/helper.php file
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RoadMap for J!Like

Roadmap for upcoming release

  1. Pinterest view
  2. Activity stream integration
  3. New look and Feel of admin Dashboard
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