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Posted by on in Shika - LMS for Joomla
Shika Beta 9 Out now!

It has been really long since the end of the year development update of Shika! As we all know that we are really close to the stable release which can happen anytime soon. Entire feature list has been finalized and this is the Beta 9 we are rolling out.

We are keeping no stone unturned to get you a rock solid stable release. Our developers are going that extra mile to make sure that not even a simplest issue is kept unresolved. You will be overwhelmed to see the number of Bug fixes (200+) done till now, especially if you are an Early Adopter!

View the entire Change Log

As I mentioned earlier that the stable release will be anytime soon you guys have very less time left to avail 42% DISCOUNT on Shika.

Who is an Early Adopter?

Early Adopters are the ones who buy Shika Beta at $399.99!

Advantages of being an Early Adopter

  • You get a chance to experience the product and support at a much lower price.
  • Your subscription date will start once the stable release is out.
  • Your subscription will be directly upgraded to 12 months Professional of Shika!

Be an Early Adopter Now!              Wait for Stable release & buy later at $699.99

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Posted by on in SocialAds
Is your site an ad magnet? If not make it one.

Advertising has been one of the first and still is one of the most effective means of monetizing web properties. But some websites have always done it much better than others.

What is it that makes some websites irresistible to advertise on while some fail miserably? The way to success is probably the most open secret on the internet today.

Its all about pleasing your users - your target audience.

User is KING!

Happy and satisfied users will keep coming back to your site resulting in a sustained and increasing rate of traffic for your site. You need to figure out what is it that makes your users tick. Get your users and the rest will follow.

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Posted by on in SocialAds
Empowering advertisers is a great way to sell advertising

One of the great advantages of Internet advertising as against physical traditional advertising is that it gives advertisers more easily measurable ROI as well as more control on their campaigns. This allow advertisers to react faster to metrics and continuously improve their ROI.

One of the key aspects of the vision behind creating Socialads was empowering Advertisers and this has been consistently implemented via various features of Socialads. Giving advertisers control and transparent access to performance metrics helps you gain their trust and build the base for a long and lasting relationship.

With a tool that lets you do this on one side and a great strategy to attract and engage your users on the other, you should be on the right path to earn your due from your web properties. Lets see how SocialAds can empower your advertisers.

Freedom of design and placement

With a DIY and easy to use Ad designer, its very easy for advertisers to create their own Ads and in a variety of formats like Images or Videos, Pure text or combinations of text and media. Plus with the admin setting up a variety of zones across the site, its very easy for the advertiser to choose where he wants to place their ads.


Decide basis of payments

Under the regular pricing options, SocialAds lets you offer the advertisers the option to choose if they want to Pay in terms of Days, Impressions or Clicks. Depending on what their campaign needs are, they can choose the best pricing option.

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Posted by on in SocialAds

Digital Advertising has always been a tough job when it comes to the look of your website and the reputation of your site with respect to the end user. In such cases too much advertising is what tends to happen. Instead of increasing the brand goodwill it can hamper it. Special care needs to be taken to optimize the use of available real estate.

However with Pretty, well placed, relevant ads that appeal to the sensibilities of your end users can have a completely opposite and positive impact for your site, your brand and finally your ad sales. Lets explore the best way to achieve this sweet spot.

b2ap3_thumbnail_1423511314_672371-check-32.png The Right Ad types in the right places

SocialAds lets you create different types of Ads. You need to be choosy about deciding which Ad type looks good where. Image Ads will look good in most positions while sometimes you might need to setup a simple pure text ad position.

Pictures are worth a thousand words but sometimes a small snippet of text is all you need !

In positions that are very compact and slim, a Gmail like one line text ad would look great. Ideally don't put more than one Video Ad in one page. Make a dedicated Zone for it & only place one Ad in it.

b2ap3_thumbnail_oie_914507KSiri1eG.png  Don’t Abuse Flexibility but don't under utilize  it either !

The SocialAds Zone editor is extremely flexible & will let you create a multitude of dimensions for SocialAds. I would use this carefully however. Try & stick to dimensions that work best & keep them limited to your needs.

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Posted by on in SocialAds
SocialAds v3.0.5 is out !

Hey All,

We have another release of SocialAds version 3.0.5 out for active subscribers. This release addresses various bugs reported in previous version. Check the change log given below for more details.

Change Log : 

- Bugs Fixes.

Bug #33183: google is not defined error when HTTPS
Bug #37092: undefined is not a function in geo.js
Bug #37093: fatal error on Configure targeting when integrated with CB
Bug #37094: on create ad view:: a smaill geo targeting box is opening
Bug #37095: Create ad:: Select box options in ES field not translated
Bug #37380: targeting block not opening on load when we edit the Ad

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Posted by on in Email Beautifier
Give a perfect makeover to your emails with Email Beautifier 1.6!


Who doesn’t like a perfect email landing into their inbox? Sometimes even if the text written in the email is not that attractive and the template used is just perfect, then the chances of getting a positive response for that email increases by a significant level.
Having a good template to the emails that are sent through your website is a must. With Email Beautifier 1.6 we have introduced 2 spectacular default email templates 'minty' and 'tempo', making it easier for you guys to make your email recipients feel good. 

  b2ap3_thumbnail_EBtemplate.png    b2ap3_thumbnail_EBtemplate1.png



Plus you can customize it the way you want it. Give that special touch to your emails.

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Posted by on in jGive
JGive 1.6.8 released

Hey All,

We are glad to inform you that JGive 1.6.8 is released with some awesome features. In this release, we have added most awaited JGive with JoomlaShine JSN fidem Church template integration.

Here is the change log

+ Features added:

#36319 Integrated JGive with JoomlaShine JSN Fidem template.

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Posted by on in SocialAds

Hey All,

Here is another release of SocialAds version 3.0.4 to active subscribers. This release addresses various bugs reported in previous version. Check the change log given below for more details.

Change Log : 

- Bugs Fixes.

Bug #29939: load "fuelux2.3loader" needed on create ad view in asset_loader
Bug #33422: create ad view breaking in guest user
Bug #33423: make changes to asset loader to load view specific files
Bug #35695: the other things is that I can't type the sign "-" in the text box as in "Saint-Nicolas"


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Posted by on in Invitex

Hey All, 

We have released Invitex 2.9.4 with some minor  bug fixes. Also we have made several minor quality improvements in it. This release addresses various bugs reported in previous version.

Bugs Fixed

Bug #35911: Invitee accepted notification not being sent to CB
Bug #35700: Manual Invitations not working in Easysocial Invitex Apps(getting js error undefined funtion tokenfield() in console)
Bug #35827: if site is set to SSL, user gets logged out from site, after getting request token for the API plugins
Bug #35835: JS - if inviter has no image set, in email no images is shown for [AVATAR] tag
Bug #35837: Clicking on the APIS icons, user gets redirect to home page
Bug #35910: Invitex backend- Option,submenu,filters,search does not work if caching is enabled
Bug #35912: lang constant missing for INV_MAIL_SUBJECT
Bug #35919: Backend Inviters view - The From date, to date, fliters float on the screen

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Posted by on in Jticketing
JTicketing v1.5.5 released with several bug fixes

Hey All,

We are pleased to announce the availability of JTicketing version 1.5.5 to active subscribers. This release addresses several critical bug fixes for bugs reported in previous version. Check the change log given below for more details.

Change log:

- Bugs Fixed:

#35879 Installation screen :: Read document links redirects to page not found
#35869 Additional fields attendee data is not exported in the CSV file
#35868 No asterix(*) shown against required attendee fields (both universal and event specific attendee fields)
#35867 Attendee data entered during checkout is saved against wrong fields in the database if two custom fields from different events have same name
#35866 'Customer Note' added during checkout is not showing in the 'View Details' on the Attendee list, nor in csv export
#35865 Additional attendee information fields data is not shown to event owner on 'Attendee list' -> 'View Details'
#35783 JEvents integration: In PDF show default event image if no event image available
#35781 Checkout form: Table headings not seen on some templates
#35604 Checkout form: Notices and warnings shown in ajax response when returning user logs in using 'login form'
#35599 Checkout billing form: Terms and condition not shown when returning user logs in using 'login form'
#35598 Checkout billing form: Submit button of login form not working
#35566 Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$max_limit_crossed in /components/com_jticketing/views/event/tmpl/default.php
#35565 Not able to select country and state on checkout form [skip Country & State from chosen.css]
#35562 No router.php found causing 404 errors with AceSEF
#34918 All Events: Blank space shown even when all filters are disabled

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