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TJ UCM - Yet another Joomla Universal Content Manager


Joomla has tried to create a content manager / CCK for several years now. Though the project has been inactive, there are a few database tables that Joomla still uses, mainly for storing content history. Although the original UCM in its spirit isn’t part of Joomla, similar functionality has been introduced by article fields. 

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JGive 1.5 released with Guest donations, Category & Joomla 3.0.x support


logo-200X151Woohoo! JGive 1.5 is here with the much awaited Joomla 3.0 Support & 20+ New features!  Since its release, we have had an amazing response from the community & its fast grown into one of the best Donations & Investment extensions for Joomla.

jGive . Joomla 2.5 Compatible compat 30

The biggest feature of this release is, of course, Joomla 3.0 Support. The next Big feature is the addition of Categories.



Category Management

Admins can create Categories & these can be used to better present and manage campaigns on the frontend. Another awesome addition is support for Guest donations.





Selection 003

Additional Flexibility with Guest Checkout

Now Donors have an option to donate as a guest without having to log in to your website. This awesome flexibility is sure to improve your campaign conversions.



Campaigns Module


You can use this super versatile module to feature your campaigns on other pages of your site. Configuration options include deciding which categories to show campaigns from & ability to show only featured campaigns.


Rich Text Editor for Campaignsrichtext

Users can use a full featured Rich text editor to add descriptions about their campaigns. We recommend using JCE & setting up a Profile for frontend submissions that allow only the required features on the frontend. This means you can now add multiple Photos, Videos etc to your campaign!




Here is the list of Major Feature Additions

  1. Joomla 3.0 Support
  2. Category Support
  3. Guest Donations
  4. Awesome new Social Sharing options with OG tags support
  5. Rich text editor for campaigns & a Cool new Module for campaign display
  6. Flexible Commissions with ability to charge X fixed price + Y %
  7. Lots of Filters on the frontend in All campaigns view - configurable via menu options
  8. Admin Approval workflow for campaigns & email notifications on changes
  9. Terms & conditions support
  10. Commission Configuration override on a per Joomla User Group level
  11. Paypal Mass payments
  12. Ability to Delete & unpublish campaigns from the Admin interface
  13. Featured Campaigns
  14. Campaign Display Module

This is one Upgrade you don't want to miss! Existing subscribers can immediately download this new version in the My Subscriptions Area

Read on for the full changelog for the detailed list of Feature additions & Bug fixes.

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