We are happy to release a new update for our popular Joomla advertising solution. SocialAds 3.2.0 is here with a compatibility update for new maxmind library along with many more improvements.

This release adds a new TJMaxmind library in Techjoomla library. We have also fixed many bugs reported in v3.1.16.

Earlier, SocialAds were using maxmind geoLiteCity.dat file for geotargeting. Now maxmind have dropped the support for geoLiteCity.dat file and introduced geoLiteCity.mmdb. SocialAds have added compatibility for this mmdb file. Read the release notes for setup

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Read on for the detailed changelog.


^ Improvements (6):

Steps to follow after updating to v3.2.0

  1. On the dashboard, you will see the Fix database button. Click on that. This will migrate the duplicate entries in the archive stats table. This might take a minute or two or more depending upon how many entries you have in this table. This is a one-time job.
  2. Enable the TJMaxmind System Plugin if prompted on the dashboard as this plugin is used while displaying Geo-Targeting ads.
  3. Update the Maxmind GeoLite2 City database if prompted on the dashboard used for showing Geo-Targeting ads. User’s location like city, country, and state or region is calculated with the help of this database. Maxmind GeoLite2 City database is updated every 15 days. So whenever prompted to update, please update it to get an accurate user location from IP.
  4. After following all the above steps, Go to options and make sure you click on Save and Close to save the configuration of SocialAds.
  5. To set the cron of CLI commands for archive stats and send weekly stats email, refer this link


 * * * * *  user_name path_to_php  path_to_cli_file


 * * * * *  root /usr/bin/php  /var/www/html/project/test.php

Follow this link to decide the expression for cron timing


Daily “At 08:00.”

0 8 * * *  root path_to_php your_site_root_path/cli/archivestats.php

“At 08:00 on Sunday.”

0 8 * * 0  root path_to_php your_site_root_path/cli/statsemail.php