b2ap3_thumbnail_social-ad_eae7061211e7bfc24d4ce820e9b2dda3.pngWe have released an update for SocialAds. This release v3.0.2 is a maintenance release which includes fixes for following bugs.  We suggest you to upgrade to this version.

#29439 - zone not pre selected for edit Ad and also when redirected from module create ad link.
#29302 - Payment view. Coupon area not available to apply coupon (ticket id 9690) 
#29248 - Ad type not pre selected if redirected from create ad link from module. ticket id 9657 
#28937 - config for loading jQuery UI. (ticket id 9471) 
#28153 - On paypal page there isn't description what is buyer actually buying. ticket id 9368
#28117 - Change bytes to kilobytes in tooltip for "maximum media size"