SocialAds 2.6.3 brings with it support for four new languages thanks to our great Translation partners from Open Translators. Thanks Guys ! In Addition it ships with some minor bug fixes as well. Active subscribers can download the release from the My Subscriptions area. In addition support for Joomla 2.5 is added.


Feature #9757: Add Danish (da-DK) lanuage files
Feature #9758: Add Dutch (nl_NL) lanuage files
Feature #9759: Add Swedish (sv_SE) lanuage files
Feature #9760: Add Thai (th_TH) lanuage files
Feature #9761: Add Portuguese (pt-PT) lanuage files
Bug #9254: the calender drop down shown when pricing option is set only to impr/clks
Bug #9415: ads stats mail sending failed
Bug #9427: error displayed in module for targeting plugins
Bug #9452: Fatal error on settings page for CB