SocialAds 1.1 is here & comes packed with some cool new features !  To start with, we are supporting 2 new payment methods. One is meaning you can now have people pay using Credit Cards for the ads & the second is Paying using JomSocial Points ! So those of you who want to use JS Points as the mode of payment, go right ahead !

Next up is easy Promotion of Groups & Events using Social Ads. Simply Click on Promote this Event or Promote this group & get your ad auto created for you based on the group or event information.

Besides these additions quite a lot of bugs reported by clients, internal testers & client beta testers have also been fixed in this release. You can click on read more to see a full change log. Users with active subscriptions can download the new version from my subscriptions menu.



Bugs Fixed in version 1.1:
- 0000919: [Admin] Version Checker should be onclick
- 0000912: [FrontEnd - component] transaction status in payment histroy view
- 0000910: [Admin] configure mapping alert issue
- 0000902: [FrontEnd - component] Email ID hardcoded
- 0000856: [FrontEnd - component] No links for images
- 0000828: [Ad Display module] No Module class suffix option in the module.
- 0000771: [Admin] display currency
- 0000787: [Admin] Errors in saving ImportFields
- 0000691: [FrontEnd - component] Styling not as per Chris Guidelines
- 0000788: [FrontEnd - component] while creating ads in the front end
- 0000791: [Admin] Configure Targetting does not save properly the second time
- 0000793: [FrontEnd - component] Pay Now in History View
- 0000806: [Ad Display module] Changing Landing Page of Create Ad
- 0000957: [Admin] Version Checker should be onclick
- 0000956: [FrontEnd - component] Clicking on a Alternative ads gives you must login message

- 0000907: [ Payment plugin] Authorised .NET Plugin (arun) - resolved.
- 0000897: [FrontEnd - component] JomSocial Points plugin as a feature to SocialAds
- 0000896: [FrontEnd - component] Promote an Event as a feature to social ads
- 0000903: [FrontEnd - component] Promote a Group as a feature to social ads