We have released Shika 1.3.11 today which is a maintenance release and comes with some bug fixes. We recommend that you read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version. Read on for the detailed changelog.



#143990 Added indexes to Jlike todo table

Bugs fixed:

#142314 Admin panel>> Edit document type lesson >> clicking on uploaded file name then user redirect to Manage user page

#143462 Course pagination conflicts with category list module

#143660 By default lesson library option was ON for all existing lessons due to which paid courses lessons are accessible.

#143732 If Quiz pagination/Global quiz pagination is set 0 then by default it will set to 5   

#143847 Unable to upload lesson associated file greater than 2 MB

#143851 Facebook Share not working on course TOC

#143853 In the Checkout flow while selecting plan page then there should not be any drop down if there is only 1 subscription plan

#143854 Data doesn't get a load on the first time when we click on Print on invoice