Google Analytics has a great feature - enhanced eCommerce tracking which lets site owners track purchases and also measure the effectiveness of the checkout process. Shika now leverages this tool so that site owners who sell paid courses online can measure performance of their marketing activities. Enhanced eCommerce allows reports like viewing most bought products, seeing which social channels are converting better and even coupon code reports.

We are happy to release Shika 1.3.21 with google analytics e-commerce integration for online payments.

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Read on for the complete details and screenshots. 

Google Analytics integration for online payments

WIth Shika 1.3.21, we have introduced the Google Analytics plugin for integrating all eCommerce reporting capabilities powered by Google Analytics. The site administrator will have to add their Google Analytics property ID in the plugin. This feature will enable site administrators to view e-commerce reports for courses in Google Analytics. Note that this feature will only work for online payments.