Joomla can now finally take a REST! Techjoomla has released the long awaited REST API for Joomla. The release is released under the GPL license & is completely free to download & use.

Built on an architecture similar to XMLRPC, this API is easily extendible using plugins. So if you have an extension need a REST API for it, just write a plugin. This is just a pilot release so that people can start giving ideas & start contributing.. We shall be improving the code & the structure over time & also add a lot more methods. The REST API has been made available under the GPL license. If you are interested in contributing, jump in & fork it on GitHub !  It can be downloaded for free from

Commercial Support Available

For those who want to start using it right away & want commercial support for the same, the option is available. You can buy it direct from our Shop.

Read on for more information.

This is more of a developer oriented release as compared to our other products.So for those who dont know what it means, head over to Wikipedia to Understand what REST is all about. Another excellent resource is "How I explained REST to my Wife" (Wife to be taken as a synonym to "Layman" or "Non Tech" person) ..You can also download our presentation which was given at Joomla Day Thailand & Joomla Day India about this topic here .

The following methods are currently available