It gives us great pleasure to announce the stable release of Quick2Cart v2.1.  The most exciting feature in this release is support for Downloadable Products which has been a feature that users have been requesting for quite some time now. Whats more, you can also offer a free sample download if you wish !


The second feature is the introduction of PayPal adaptive payments for Quick2Cart. This feature is an awesome value add if you are using Quick2Cart in multi vendor mode & have to deal with the hassle of manually managing payouts. Adaptive payments can automate this for you ! 

Besides this there have lots of small improvements in the usability & quite a few small features have been added. Some of them are the option to have a mini Add to Cart popup instead of the big one, Color coding for order statuses & introduction of an SKU field when adding products. A new Merchandise sales report has also been added with the option to export it as a CSV. 

What are you waiting for ? Download the release right away from the My Subscriptions area. Or if you don't have it yet, Buy Now ! Starts at just $29.99 ! 

To see the full details of what has changed in this release, please read on to view the complete changelog


Changelog for v2.1

+ Features added