People Suggest for CB & JomSocialUser Activity & Networking are critical parameters that indicate the health of any Social Network. The more people your users will connect with, the more woven they will get into the Social fabric of your site & keep coming back. We are proud to announce the immediate availability of People Suggest, an intelligent & extensive system to help suggest Networking suggestions to your site users.

The extension is fully compatible with Joomla 1.5 as well as 1.7 & we shall be releasing an update for 2.5 as soon as thats released too !

People Suggest is an intelligent Network suggestions system that uses multiple algorithms based on various data available to suggest users people that they might want to network with in your Social Network.

The following logic algorithms are supported in People suggest as of now.

The module is extensively configurable & you can create as many copies as you want & configure each to behave differently. Priced at 45$ for a 6 Month subscription & 80$ for an year, this extension is must have for every social networking site. Packaging the power of 3 Great products in One package, this is a sweet deal !

If you are an existing user of People you may know or Network Suggest for CB or JomSocial, you are elligible to a special 50% Discount on the purchase of People Suggest till the end of this Month. Please login & see this article to see the code here. {ambrasubs 7||8||9||10||15||16||17||18}Special 50% Discount Code: SP&^SUG{/ambrasubs}

We have a launch discount of 10% for other users. Use the Code : PSUG10 to get this discount !

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