We have released new version 2.1.5 for our most popular extension PDF Embed.

This version adds an option for admins to set the default PDF viewer if no viewer is specified in the syntax. This was needed for site admins who were using PDF embed for more than hundreds of  content articles. If you are updating from older version of plugin, this option will come handy, as you won’t need to edit all the content articles to specify the google or pdfjs viewer.

Also, with this version you can now specify both the height and width in percent for the PDF being embedded to avoid pixelwise width adjustments. ;)

We have also added new version update notification support to notify users about a new versions for this plugin.

See the entire changelog below

v2.1.5 Changelog:

Features Added (3):

+ #52133 Joomla update notification

+ #49836 Add configuration option for choosing default viewer from native, google and pdfjs

+ #46797 Facility to add height and width in % 

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