This is an update for old custommers for JomGive & JomLike who have active Subscriptions at CorePHP. Techjoomla shall be 

At some point over the past 18 months, you purchased either the jomGive or jomLike Joomla 1.5/1.7 extension from our friends at corePHP. Our company TechJoomla, has acquired all rights to both extensions and we will now take over all development and support of both products from August 1st 2012. 

Your old account at will no longer display information about either purchase and you will no longer be able to receive support from corePHP for either extension. But there‚Äôs good news... 

We are currently working to migrate your user accounts to our website, & this process should be complete by 25th August.  If you purchased jomGive or jomLike within the last 6 months, We shall be migrating over the subscription so that you can continue to get support & updates at the Techjoomla site. We will be sending you an email once the migration is complete.