This is the 3rd most exciting thing we were working on for the past few months.. And now its out ! ( First 2 things are secret ;) )

J!PHPList brings with it seamless integration of PHPList with either of the below :

Check the Demos here :

Joomla Only : The live website uses J!PHPlist in this mode.

With CB :

With JomSocial :

Screenshots :

Whats More ! We have slashed the prices on J!PHPlist to 30$ & 55$ for the 6month & 12 month options respectively ! Buy it today !

Read more to know the full details of what,s new in this release


A lot of new features have been added & a host of bugs have been resolved. I'd like to thank all our customers who have provided valuable feedback & helped improve this release.Some of them are :