1327727327 gnome-lockscreenPassword Security is something that you can never be too careful about. Having a weak password & not changing it periodically is one of the major concerns that site owners need to address. With Joomla sites being managed by multiple Super Admins, it can be a pain to enforce a policy on this easily.

So to make your job easier, we have released a new plugin ( already being using by several of our enterprise clients) to give your Joomla site the ability to reset passwords periodically. Note that the plugin is Joomla 1.7/2.5 compatible.

With the password reset plugin you can setup a cron job to periodically reset & email the changed passwords to all the super admins in the system. A great easy to use addon to force periodic password resets. Get it for free ! Note that you need to be logged in to download this addon. icon Download Password Reset for Joomla 1.7/ 2.5