Last week we wrote about a sneak peek into the new JTicketing Android app. This weekend, we got a fantastic opportunity to use it for an actual event. Techjoomla was a proud sponsor for the recent Joomla Day India that happened on 9-10th February 2013. And that's not it, our own J!Ticketing was powering the event booking engine of Joomla Day and an 'event manager app' made by Techjoomla and 'apptitude' was used to verify the tickets for all participants. It was fun to QR scan all the participant tickets and check them in. The checked in participants also got a welcome email that told them about the schedule! Watch the video below to see it in action!

We're aiming for a February end release of the Managers' app for JTicketing. It will be available on the Android Play store to start with and a release on the iTunes store will follow. Stay tuned!