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Event Owners rejoice! The JTicketing Event Managers app for Android & iOS is here !! 

Scan Tickets, Look up names on your guestlists and use multiple devices without worrying about the same ticket being used twice.

The JTicketing Event Manager's application lets the event organisers stay organised & check in the attendees at their Event using our awesome Scan - Add - Search functions using their IOS or Android device. All the check-ins are synced with your Joomla site database.

With the JTicketing Event Manager App event organisers can:

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Buy a Fully Self-branded Customised version for your very own site!

We are offering a fully customised version of the application branded with your own Brand name if you are looking at offering it directly to your users. You can give this app your own name & release it under your own brand on the respective play store. You might even want to charge them for it!  

Click here to see what customisation options are available. Buy it today!