JTicketing 2.6 brings some fantastic new features to the Joomla Event ticketing space. We have introduced a set of new filters on the Events page in a more compact format. 

Advanced Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking has been integrated to help you improve your conversion rates & track sales of tickets & events directly in Google Analytics. The Event duplication feature allows you to quickly copy events. This is very useful when you need to set up events that are very similar. 

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Besides this, there are quite a few improvements and bug fixes that have been shipped. We encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible!  Read on for the details and for the complete changelog.

New filters on all events page

If a site has many events, it can be overwhelming to make a quick search for the events that we have been looking for. We have introduced brand new date filters for all events page. Site visitors can easily filter events based on dates as to when the event is set to take place. For Example, whether the event is taking place today, tomorrow or next month. 

Besides this, we have introduced an option to filter events by tags. Users can also filter events as paid events or free events. Site administrators can either set primary filters, secondary filters or both.

Quickly create copies of Events

With the event duplication feature, Site administrators can save precious time to create similar events. 

Google Analytics integration for online payments

Google Analytics is a free digital analytics software that gives you insights as to how visitors find and use your website.  

WIth JTicketing 2.6, we have introduced the Google Analytics plugin for integrating all eCommerce reporting capabilities powered by Google Analytics. The site administrator will have to add their Google Analytics property ID in the plugin. This feature will enable site administrators to view e-commerce reports for events in Google Analytics. Note that this feature will only work for online payments. Site administrators can easily track checkout behavior and product performance in Google Analytics.

Complete Changelog

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