In keeping with our commitment to ensuring our products are secure and bug-free, we are happy to bring you a security and maintenance release for JTicketing, v2.3.3. We have also fixed a few bugs apart from fixing security issues found in our audits. With this version, site administrators can now export the event waiting list for the various events.

Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading to the latest version.

It is recommended you upgrade to the latest version of as soon as possible to ensure you are on a secure version.

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Read on for the complete changelog.


- Bugs(4)

Bug #132544 - Security Fixes

Bug #134023 - Private venue not getting in venue list

Bug #134051 - Multiple check-ins for Event is not working.

Bug #134173 - In Mail, showing incorrect time on Ticket after enrolling for the event.

^ Enhancement (1)

Task #134226 - Ability to export waiting list.