JTicketing 1.9 is here with better URL routing and more !

While our team works on the big and beautiful JTicketing 2.0, we bring you an interim update in version 1.9 with PHP 7.1 compatibility, a better URL router as well as improvements in field based advanced filtering with TJ Fields integration.

Besides this we have fixed quite a few bug fixes and added a default Zoom value for the Google Map display on the event details view. Read on for the complete change log. 

JTicketing 2.0 will be a major release with a brand new UI & will be rewritten from scratch. Also note that JTicketing 2.0 will drop Bootstrap 2 support so prepare accordingly for the same !

Change log

(+) Features

Feature #25749: Better URL Routing

Feature #97739: To add google Map default zoom value

Feature #101998: JTicketing search module layout.

Feature #102425: JTicketing compatibility with PHP v7.1.x

(-) Bugs Fixed

Bug #101270 - On order status change - Email is not sending.

Bug #101005 - SEF URL issue - Order page does not show modules when SEF URL is on

Bug #100115 - Checkout login is not working in the case of allow guest user to buy ticket.

Bug #101413 - Blank space in calendar view.

Bug #100427 - PayPal payment displaying error in case of Send payments directly to event owner/creator without site admin getting any commissions.

Bug #98528 - EasySocial profile update during billing.

Bug #95585 - Create event:- Unable to create a event on Ipad and iphone.

Bug #98055 - In Ticket invoice email invoice link is not SEF url.

Bug #91413 - Different QR codes in the mail and in the print! When scanning of the print everything works when scanning from the mail does not work.