We are pleased to announce the release of four new content Plugins for J!MailAlerts !

JomSocial Group Activities Plugin

The long awaited Group Activities plugin for JomSocial that will let you send Group Activity digests to your JomSocial Users is finally here ! Whats more users have full control on what Groups they want alerts about & also what content the alerts should have. A Must have for all JomSocial Sites out there..

Note that this plugin is also available as part of JomSocial Plugin Pack for J!MailAlerts. If you have a valid subscription, it will be in the Zip package for the latest versions.

Community Builder Plugins

Also out are 3 plugins for Community Builder. CB users have been complaining for long that JomSocial Plugin pack has grown & that we don't have a single plugin for CB.  So here you are ..Now Community Builder sites can also have a cool set of CB plugins.

CB Network Suggest Plugin

This plugin allows you to automatically suggest Users to connect with for the user. The Plugin supports matchmaking mode as well so if you are running dating sites you can now send matches via Email. 

CB People You May Know Plugin

Works just like our People you may know modules.. Suggesting friends based on your current friend circle.. Now attract your users back to your site by showing them People they are likely to know in your J!MailAlerts Emails ! 

CB Pending Connections

Tell users to come visit your site by informing them about the Connections pending their approval.