A Minor update to J!MailAlerts core extension has been released today.. We have added a new feature so that the Sync sets the date back to a Day/ Week / Month as per your default settings so that when you run the cron immediately after the sync, the component will find valid users to send emails to..  Another feature added in the earlier release that we haven't talked much about is the setting called "Respect Last Email Date" which makes sure that only new content since last email is sent which was always the basic feature of J!MailAlerts.. But now you can switch it off if you want & send mails irrespective of whether new content or not..

Here is the complete change log

#2587: Date in XML not updated 
#2633: Images not seen in the editor 
#2634: check of emogrifier in the config view 
#2637: Messages Modifications - Crom
-- Add check of emogrifier in the config view

Download it now !