The Techjoomla Team has been striving hard to churn out security releases that have been lined up for a number of extensions. This is our 4th security release this month as we had already done minor releases for JBolo, JTicketing and Invitex. We are happy to bring you yet another security and maintenance release for JGive, JGive 2.0.8. We recommend you to upgrade ASAP to ensure you are using a secure version of JGive. Initially we had released JGive 2.0.7 but an issue was reported by one of our clients. Hence we have released JGive 2.0.8 with fixes for the issue reported by the client along with certain security fixes. Read on for the installation instructions and detailed changelog.

In case you are upgrading from a JGive version older than 2.0.8, please ensure that you take care of the following points.



Bug #116364 Backend > Payouts - Error on creating new payouts.

Bug #116325 Frontend > Error on campaign details page - On videos set to default for details page.