We are pretty excited to announce the availability of JGive 1.6 Beta 1 for testing. This version brings some really exciting new features as given below. Remember however nice the Screenshots look, that this is a Beta release. So don't use it on live sites!

The release is available in the My Subscriptions area for you to download.

Feature Highlights


AllCampaignsView homepage CampaignDetails 1

Testing Instructions

Campaign Display Module (jGive Campaign layout).
You can create as many copies of this module as required & set it to show Featured, Completed & Others campaigns as needed

Awesome new Pin Layout for Campaigns & Kickstarter like Campaign display page option.
Create the menu for all campaigns if not exist & in menu layout option select layout as 'pin layout'.

Video for campaign
For uploading the video for a campaign at the time for create campaign in video URL field enter only URL http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xt0qgc

New Campaigns details view 
We have by default set a campaigns details layout as new layout if you don't want it you can use old layout by overriding the template.

Reporting Instructions

You can report any issues you find in the Beta on the forums here.