We have been talking about adding sound notifications to JBolo for some time now. In fact , the feature has been there in one of our SVN branches for some time .. but as it wasnt made cross browser compatible yet, we hadn't released it..

Image our surprise today when we got an email from Casey Davis, one of our JBolo users, who went ahead & integrated Sound into it & even offered us to code to integrate into the Code Base !

You can read about this hack here on Casey's Blog : http://blog.caseydavis.org/post/367856837/adding-sound-to-jbolo

We have started testing this & will be integrating it into the main code base if we find no issues with cross browser compatibility & as a special thanks to Casey, we shall be giving him a 6 Month extension on his Subscription !

This is even more exciting as we might be going towards a new model in the way Open Source works !