After weeks of working on these cool new features, we are very exited to bring you the latest release of JBolo! The coolest chat extension for Joomla, CB & JomSocial. JBolo! V2.6 comes with path breaking features like support for Group Components which include JomSocial Groups, Group Jive & CB Super Groups as well as integration with CB Super Activity!

Read on for details



Groups Integration - What does that mean ?

JBolo now integrates with JomSocial Groups, Group Jive & CB Super Groups .

Group Integration will give you an option to show logged in users in two new ways !

  • Show online users only from groups that the logged in user is from.
  • Show online members of the group the user is currently browsing.

CB Super Activity Integration for Facebook Chat Bar mode

Another piece of good news, especially for CB users of our Facebook Chat version is added support for CB Super Activity. This means that the Facebook chat bar can now show the activity stream for CB as well ! Don't have CB Super Activity ? We have a discount code from the Axis guys at the bottom of this mail if you are looking to buy it !

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