Hello guys,

We have updated Techjoomla alpha testing site to JBolo 3.0 - alpha 4 [supporting basic group chat].

Many improvements have been done based on the feedback we received for initial alpha releases.

This alpha will allow to do -

- Basic 1to1 chat functionality

- 2chat themes - gmail like and facebook like

- Basic GROUP CHAT functionality
-- allows to add a new user to current 1to1 chat
-- group chat related notifications
-- all group chat members can send and receive chat messages

- Smiley,url, bad word processing support

* To test bad words - try typing
bad, word


- There are still many known issues in it and we are working on those to fix.
- Also there are some obvious styling related issues, we will get rid of styling issues in next alpha 5.

BUT you will be able to send/receive chats for 1to1 as well as for group chats.

Your feedback is welcomed.

Happy group chatting.

Chat particpiants

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