We are happy to release JBolo v3.2.9 which is primarily a maintenance and security release. Our team is always aiming to ensure that our products are free from exploits and this release is a result of some internal audits we ran to ensure that our products are secure. It is highly recommended that you upgrade ASAP to ensure you are on a secure version of JBolo.

A small UX improvement to let the admin choose the default behaviour for the User list has been added as well. The issue where Joomla based live updates were broken has been fixed as well. Read our changelog for the complete details.

In case you are upgrading from a JBolo version older than 3.2.7, please ensure that you take care of the following points.


Bug fixes(5):

# Various security issues fixes

#115028 Live update not working

#113293 [Chat history] - chat history window shows pagination box when not needed

#111800 [Chat history] - chat window history don't show correct timing

#107562 [JomSocial integration] - 'Session expired please try again later' is shown when 'Community - JBolo Chat Status plugin' plugin is enabled


#115380 Improve EasySocial widget title style

#107873 Add option to show minimized/maximized user-list window by default on login

#107641 Improve purge chats cron URL output to indicate success/errors