We are happy to bring to you the release of JBolo 3.2.7. This is a maintenance release that has few bug fixes along with Easysocial 2.0.x compatibility.

If you are upgrading from JBolo version older than 3.2.5, make sure you read the release note carefully before upgrading.


Bug fixes(3):

- #90535 EasySocial - messages sync - SQL error seen when trying to send message to a user from all users list view

- #88293 Function getNodeParticipants fails at random times making chatuserlist empty

- #88292 Hardcoded language string found in JS code for text 'Chat' shown on chatuserlist

Other Improvements (1):

^ #83847 *Leave out* the "ENGINE=MyISAM" part so that the tables pick up the default storage engine