Hello everyone, we have released JBolo! 2.9.7 with following bug fixes and other minor changes. Given below are detailed changelog and upgrade instructions.

JBolo! 2.9.7 Changelog -

Compatible with Joomla! 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 2.5.x

Bugs fixed in this version include -

#5672 On Facebook type chatbar - images are broken(randomly) on hover
#8776 Loss of very first chat message while switching page before replying to that message
#10435 "slideroptions not defined" ERROR ON phoca gallery slideshow
#11588 Javascript error : Last smiley skipped from getting displayed in smiley selection pop up
#11795 Error on uninstalling - "Failed deleting plg_js_jbolo_online.xml"
#11796 Icon border is shown for chatbar icons in IE browsers

Other tasks implemented are -

#10111 Make jomsocial messages notification look like chat message notification on FB type chat bar
#10149 Show FAQs in component backend
#10831 Update JQuery to latest 1.7.2
#11584 Show arrow image next to user status for FB chat bar

NOTE for upgrading:  If you  or our technical support team have made any changes in jbolo code at your site, please take a backup of 'Jbolo component / module / plugin' files first before upgrading to this version.

- After install clear joomla cache & also clear broswer cache.