JBolo 2.9.2 is mainly a Internet explorer ver 7 & 8 compatibility release to fix some known issues in IE 7 & 8. Also from this version on IE6 support is officially dropped. It also has some UI fixes that will also make it work better in other browsers.

The JBolo 2.9.X series from here on will only have maintenance releases & all new features are pushed to 3.0X which is well under way & is a complete rewrite.  We are taking this step so that we can work on completely new code which will be much more stable than work on the old code.

Changelog :

1. Fixed Facebook Bar display issues in IE7,8

2. Dropped IE6 Support

3. Display issues in gmail mode in IE7 fixed

4. JS errors in IE7,8 Fixed

Users with active subscriptions can download JBolo from the My Subscriptions area after logging in..